Keynote Presentation

LSCC Main Hall

This keynote presentation features Dr. Patrick Allen as he discusses More Than the Bottom Line: Beyond Business as Usual. Patrick will address:

A look back at the Faith and Learning Integration Movement before Arthur Holmes’ book, The Idea of a Christian College (1975)—back to Newman, Ortega, Jaspers, and Trueblood. They are largely forgotten voices that have much to say to us about faith and learning.

A look around at how the Faith and Learning conversation blossomed and then fractured since Holmes’ groundbreaking book, and the tensions that business faculty and other faculty in professional disciplines now feel as they try to make their faith real, beyond business as usual, particularly in their teaching, scholarship, and in their organizational settings.

A look ahead to what the future of faith-based institutions could be if we stopped emulating other academic institutions (trying to be little R1’s with a little Jesus thrown in) and started claiming and realigning our heritage and mission (as a wisdom community) with the reward and status structures of our institutions, and how that might challenge each of us to go beyond business as usual—in our spiritual lives, in our professional endeavors, and in our organizational responsibilities.

Keynote Speaker